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Dominik Klumpp


Research Interests

automatic verification, concurrent programs, partial order reduction, control flow


DBLP ResearchGate Google Scholar

  • Verification of Concurrent Programs Using Petri Net Unfoldings, in VMCAI 2021, together with Daniel Dietsch, Matthias Heizmann, Mehdi Naouar, Andreas Podelski and Claus Schätzle. [doi]
  • 𝕂 and KIV: Towards Deductive Verification for Arbitrary Programming Languages, in WADT 2020, together with Philip Lenzen. [doi]
  • Automated Control Flow Reconstruction from Assembler Programs, MSc Thesis (2018) at the University of Augsburg. [doi]
  • Measuring and Evaluating the Performance of Self-Organization Mechanisms Within Collective Adaptive Systems, in ISOLA 2018, together with Benedikt Eberhardinger, Hella Ponsar and Wolfgang Reif. [doi]
  • Test Case Selection Strategy for Self-Organization Mechanisms, in Test, Analyse und Verifikation von Software – gestern, heute, morgen, together with Benedikt Eberhardinger, Hella Ponsar and Wolfgang Reif.
  • Optimising Runtime Safety Analysis Efficiency for Self-Organising Systems, in FAS*/QA4SASO 2016, together with Axel Habermaier, Benedikt Eberhardinger and Hella Seebach. [doi]

Lectures & Seminars

I co-organise the lectures Cyber-Physical Systems: Discrete Models (in the winter semester 2019/2020 and 2020/2021) and Cyber-Physical Systems: Program Verification (in the summer semesters 2019, 2020 and 2021).

I supervise students in the BSc Proseminar "Klassische Artikel der Programmanalyse" (2019/2020 and 2020/2021), the BSc Proseminar/Seminar "Automata Theory" (2020, 2021) and the MSc Seminar "Advanced Topics in Program Analysis" (2020/2021).

Project Supervisions

  • [MSc Project] Dennis Wölfing: Trace Abstraction Refinement with Repeated Lipton Reduction (2021)
  • [BSc Thesis] Marcel Ebbinghaus: Tight integration of Partial Order Reduction into Trace Abstraction Refinement (2020/2021)
  • [MSc Project] Miriam Lagunes: Owicki-Gries Correctness Proof Scheme (2020)
  • [MSc Thesis] Bora Gashi: Clinical Guidelines Verification with ULTIMATE: A Case-Study Approach (2020)
  • [BSc Thesis] Elisabeth Schanno: Large Block Encoding for Concurrent Programs (2019)
  • [MSc Thesis] Frank Schüssele: Trace Abstraction with Maximal Causality Reduction (2019/2020)
If you are interested in a project or thesis, send me an email. See here for some topic ideas, or bring your own.

Consultation Hours

Please send me an e-mail to make an appointment.