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Static Code Analysis

In the classical sense static analysis techniques are used to extract information regarding the possible behavior of a program, without actually running the program. This statically extracted information is then used for revealing bugs or optimizing the code.

Course type Block Seminar
Instructors Daniel Dietsch, Evren Ermis
Kick-Off Nov. 10th
Presentation Feb. 22nd-24th

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Credits 4
Course Catalog Static Code Analysis


  • The kick-off event will be held on November 10th, 2pm, in room 02-017, building 052.
  • Slides of the kick-off meeting are here
  • If a topic is taken, it will be marked with the presenters' names(some were really fast)
  • For your submissions and their due dates please refer to the course's moodle site
    (Uni account name and WWW-password).


1 - A Specialization Calculus for Pruning Disjunctive Predicates to Support Verification
Author(s): Wei-Ngan Chin, Cristian Gherghina, Razvan Voicu, Quang Loc Le, Florin Craciun, Shengchao Qin
2 - Practical, low-effort equivalence verification of real code
Author(s): David A. Ramos, Dawson R. Engler

Presented by: Markus Lindenmann und Oleksii Saukh
3 - Simplifying Loop Invariants Generation Using Splitter Predicates
Author(s): Rahul Sharma, Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig, Alex Aiken

Presented by: Kaswara Kraibooj and Susanne Eichel
4 - Temporal property verification as a program analysis task
Author(s): Byron Cook, Eric Koskinen, Moshe Vardi
5 - Precondition Inference from Intermittent Assertions and Application to Contracts on Collections
Author(s): Patrick Cousot, Radhia Cousot, Francesco Logozzo
6 - Path Invariants
Author(s): Dirk Beyer, Thomas Henzinger, Rupak Majumdar, Andrey Rybalchenk

Presented by: Andreas Spilla and Eduard Skaley
7 - Interpolation-based Software Verification with WOLVERINE
Author(s): Dirk Beyer, Erkan Keremoglu
8 - CPACHECKER: A Tool for Configurable Software Verification
Author(s): Daniel Kroening, Georg Weissenbacher

Presented by: Luminous Fennell and Minu George

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