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Softwaretechnik / Software Engineering (Lecture)

Software engineering is "the application of engineering to software" (IEEE 610.12). Goal of this course is to provide a broad overview over the challenges of software engineering and techniques and tools to overcome them. To this end, we will discuss the main activities with software development (in particular project management, requirements engineering, design, testing, formal verification) with an emphasis on formal methods. We will study process models, (software metrics), approaches to requirements specification and analysis, (formal) modeling and analysis techniques, design and architecture patterns, testing, and program verification.

Course type Lecture
Instructors Prof. Dr. Andreas Podelski, Dr. Bernd Westphal
Lecture Monday, 14:00–16:00, HS 101-00-026
Thursday, 12:00–14:00, HS 101-00-026
Exercise Thursday, 12:00–14:00 (two-weekly), HS 101-00-026

First session Lecture 20.04.2015
Tutorial 23.04.2015
Language of instruction English (by ILIAS poll)
Credits 6
Exams Written - Time and Place: see below
Course Catalog Softwaretechnik / Software Engineering - Vorlesung
Softwaretechnik / Software Engineering - Übung


Quicklinks: News - Formalia - Plan - Links & Literature



  • 2016-03-30: Klausureinsicht Nachklausur: Freitag, 1.4.2016, 10:00, or Monday, 4.4.2016, by arrangement (10:00 the earliest); room 00-020, building 52.
  • 2015-09-24: That was clearly not extreme demand (but a nice, even distribution over time), so we hereby declare "Klausureinsicht" (and the whole event) over.
    Remember the advertisement section: In case the lecture raised your need to dig deeper into topics broadly related to software-engineering, formal methods, visual formalisms, verification, etc. then don't hesitate to contact us (mail, just dropping by, ...) when you're looking for BSc/Msc project or thesis topics!
  • 2015-09-23: The tentative results should now be available via HIS-in-One.  "Klausureinsicht": Thu, Sep 24th, 14:00 - 18:00, room 52-00-020 (or 52-02-017 if the other room is too small for the masses).  Note: we will allow at most 5 persons at a time to the room on first-come-first-serve basis.
    A first look at the tentative results: 3x 1.0, 16x (!) 1.3, 10x 1.7, 11x 2.0, 19x 2.3, 7x 2.7, 6x 3.0, 3x 3.3, 1x 3.7, 2x 5.0.
  • 2015-09-22: Some update on the exam correction: if everything goes well, the preliminary grades will be available tomorrow morning.  Then "Klausureinsicht" would be Thu, Sep 24th, 14:00 - 18:00 (room tba), in case of extreme demand maybe also Friday afternoon.
  • 2015-09-11: Due to the large number of participants and all kinds of availability issues with people helping with the correction (tutors also have exams...), we expect that the results and the "Klausureinsicht" will not be much earlier than Wed, Sep. 23rd, but definitely at Fri, Sep. 25th the latest.  The dates/times will be announced here.
  • 2015-09-07: Errata updated twice (most recent file is errata-20150907-2.pdf) - thanks for the error reports.
  • 2015-08-21: Errata updated.
  • 2015-08-21: FYI, the real exam will be about 25% smaller in volume (workload, number of tasks, ...) than the example exam.
  • 2015-08-18: An errata for the course slides has been added. It will be updated every time an error is discovered and corrected.
  • 2015-07-31: The example exam is available via ILIAS.  If you have questions regarding the lecture, the exercises, the corrections, or the (example) exam, do not hesitate to contact your tutor (by default the one who corrected your last submission, contact e.g. via ILIAS) or Sergio.  Questions on the exam are welcome in the form of "this would be my answer; I have doubts about this-and-that part; is it supposed to be solved like this or like that?".
  • 2015-07-31: If you are an exchange student, e.g. in the ERASMUS program, and if you cannot make it for the official exam data, please contact us soon to arrange for alternatives!
  • 2015-07-10: Links & Literature updated (UML, patterns, formal verification, VCC).
  • 2015-07-10: Exercise sheet 6 updated. Now with bonus task
  • 2015-06-30: updated slide "Contents and Goals" in Lecture 13
  • 2015-06-25: Exercise sheet 5 has been updated: The class diagram for Exercise 1 has been corrected to include cardinalities.
  • 2015-06-22: tentative plan updated - Tutorial 5 will be on Monday again, so there is more time to work on the tasks; Lectures 8 and 9 re-postprocessed
  • 2015-06-17: annotated slides for Lecture 10 now again post-processed as usual - 9 and 8 will follow soon.
  • 2015-06-10: refined tentative plan
  • 2015-06-08: for the moment, all overlays are included in the annotated slides because deleting pages seems to corrupt the PDF - we're trying to fix this.
  • 2015-05-26: results of the first intermediate course evaluation and some brief discussions of raised topics are available in the ILIAS forum
  • 2015-05-22: some post-processed lecture slide PDFs exhibit font problems (some at least display in Acrobat Reader, some even not there) - we tried to fix (and re-uploaded) the slides of Lectures 03 and 04, please report remaining problems
  • 2015-05-21: Presseschau / Press Review - a selection of software problems reported during the course (free exercise: which techniques from the course could be used to avoid the particular problem in the future?)
  • 2015-05-11: Links & Literature extended by team performance vs. disruptions,  V-Modell XT, CMMI, SLOCCount.
  • 2015-05-07: the first course evaluation is online on ILIAS - tell us how you feel about the course so far if you like.
  • 2015-04-27: okay, the preliminary slides were ready to be online at 14:08 today, but somebody forgot to press "Save"...
  • 2015-04-21: literature updated (textbooks and introduction)
  • 2015-03-24: homepage with basic information online - plan and literature under construction


Prerequisites for admission to the final exam, form of the final exam, and everything will be announced in the first lecture.

Admission criteria

50% of the total admission (or: good will) points in the exercises are sufficient for exam admission. (Thus, e.g., perfect solutions to exercise sheets 1, 3, 5, and 7 and no solutions to 2, 4, and 6 would satisfy this requirement; so would 50% of the good will points in each exercise).

Exercise Submission Scheme

The exercise sheets are online early in order to allow you to be aware of the tasks while following the lecture. There will be an early/regular submission scheme following a pattern to be announced.  Please submit your solutions via ILIAS (log in with RZ account, not TF Pool account).

Note: The exercises will be rated on two scales: admission points (given your knowledge before the tutorial, how sensible is your proposal; "good will rating", "upper bound") and exam points (given the additional knowledge from the comments on your proposal and the tutorial, how many points would your proposal at least be worth in a written exam; "evil rating", "lower bound").


There will be a written exam:

  • Date & time: Friday, September, 11th, 2015, 9:00 c.t.
  • 90 min. starting at 9:00 c.t.
  • Room: 026+036, Building 101
  • Permitted in the exam: one sheet of A4 paper, all sides, with prepared notes (printed, handwritten, painted, ...).

Note: The module result (grade, "Note") is completely determined by the exam.


Slides, Exercises, and Recordings

Note: the following plan is tentative

in the sense that the assignment of topics to dates is subject to change depending on the flow of the lecture. The assignment of form (lecture or tutorial) to dates is fixed. We will try to provide slides before the lecture.

  • Mo, 20.4.: VL 01 "Introduction" - Exercise Sheet 1 online (submit via ILIAS)
    Definitions of Software Engineering etc.; course content overview; formalia.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 23.4.: Tutorial 1
  • Mo, 27.4.: VL 02 "Project Management, Cost Estimation" - Exercise Sheet 2 online (submit via ILIAS)
    Development Project; Activities, Roles, Cost and Deadlines; Project Management; Expert and Algorithmic Cost Estimation.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 30.4.: VL 03 "Procedure and Process Models"
    From Processes to Procedure and Process Modes; Excursion: Modelling; Prototype-based
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo,  4.5.: VL 04 "More Process Modelling & Software Metrics"
    Evolutionary, Incremental, Iterative, Spiral; Kinds of Scales; Properties of Measures and Metrics; example software metrics.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do,  7.5.: Tutorial 2
  • Mo, 11.5.: VL 05 "Process Model Examples & Metrics" - Exercise Sheet 3 online (submit via ILIAS)
    V-Model XT; Agile Processes; process metrics CMM(I) and SPICE
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 14.5.: public holiday (ascension day)
  • Mo, 18.5.: VL 06 "Requirements Engineering"
    Requirements Engineering basics: the RE problem, the software peoples' view on requirements; quality criteria for requirements and their (natural language) documentation
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 21.5.: VL 07 "Formal Methods for Requirements Engineering"
    One example of a formal notation for requirements: decision tables (DT); formal definitions for completeness, consistency, determinism, etc.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo, 25.5.: whitsun break
  • Do, 28.5.: whitsun break
  • Mo,  1.6.: Tutorial 3
  • Do,  4.6.: public holiday (corpus christi)
  • Mo,  8.6.: VL 08 "Scenarios and Use Cases." - Exercise Sheet 4 online (submit via ILIAS)
    Scenarios and Anti-Scenarios for requirements analysis; notations User Story, Use Case, Use Case Diagram, first half of Sequence Diagrams (abstract syntax, TBAs, cuts and firedsets).
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 11.6.: VL 09 "Live Sequence Charts"
    Second half of the 'Sequence Diagram' story (TBA construction).
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo, 15.6.: VL 10 "Live Sequence Charts II"
    LSC semantics, pre-charts); Requirements Engineering Wrap-Up.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 18.6.: Tutorial 4
  • Mo, 22.6.: VL 11 "Architecture and Design: Basic Principles" - Exercise Sheet 5 online (download additional materials and submit via ILIAS)
    Modularisation, information hiding, data encapsulation etc.; Views and viewpoints; UML history
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream,
  • Do, 25.6.: VL 12 "Structural Software Modelling"
    Class Diagrams; Object Diagrams; OCL outlook
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo, 29.6.: VL 13 "Behavioural Software Modelling"
    Communicating Finite Automata; Uppaal Demo
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream ** Please note that due to technical difficulties, the uppaal demo does not have a video recording available, only audio **,
    Example model (demo.xml, demo.q) and Vending Machine model (vm.xml, vm.q) from the demo)
  • Do, 2.7.: VL 14 "Architecture  and Design Patterns"
    Statemachine outlook; Rhapsody Demo; Architectural patterns (layers, pipeline, MVC); Design Patterns
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo,  6.7.:Tutorial 5
  • Do,  9.7.: VL 15 "Software Quality Assurance" - Exercise Sheet 6 online (download additional materials and submit via ILIAS)
    Notions of correctness; Vocabulary; Formal verification of software: the Hoare calculus
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo, 13.7.: VL 16 "Testing & Review"
    Software Model-Checking, VCC Demo; maybe: Abstract interpretation (?); Testing (concepts, coverage measures, etc.)
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Do, 16.7.: VL 17 "Invited Talks"
    "The Wireless Fire Alarm System: Ensuring Conformance to Industrial Standards through Formal Verification" (S. Feo Arenis); "Project Salomo: Software Development Contracts for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises" (D. Dietsch); "The Ultimate Software Model-Checker" (J. Hoenicke).
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Mo, 20.7.:Tutorial 6
  • Do, 23. 7.: VL 18 "Wrapup + Questions"
    Model-based Testing; Run-time Verification; Code Review; Dependability - and overall wrapup, and questions.
    (Slides (with annotations), 2-up, 6-up, Recording: ILIAS-Download, ILIAS-Stream)
  • Errata for the course slides.

Links & Literature

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