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Real-Time Systems (Lecture)

Real-time systems need to react to certain input stimuli within given time bounds. For example, an airbag in a car has to unfold within 300 milliseconds in a crash. There are many embedded safety-critical applications and each requires real-time specification techniques. We will study and apply some of these techniques, based on logic and automata, most prominently timed automata.

Course type Lecture
Instructors Prof. Dr. Andreas Podelski, Dr. Bernd Westphal
Lecture Tuesday, 10:00–12:00, HS 51-03-026
Thursday, 10:00–12:00, HS 51-03-026
Exercise Thursday, 10:00–12:00, HS 51-03-026 (two-weekly)
First session Lecture 29.4.2014
Language of instruction English
Credits 6
Exams TBA
Course Catalog Real-Time Systems (HISinOne)



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Prerequisites for admission to the final exam, form of the final exam, and everything will be announced in the first lecture.

Admission criteria

50% of the total admission (or: good will) points in the exercises are sufficient for exam admission. (For example, perfect solutions to exercise sheets 1, 3, 5, and 7 and no solutions to 2, 4, and 6 would satisfy this requirement; so would 50% of the points in each exercise). 

Exercise Submission Scheme

The exercise sheets are online early in order to allow you to be aware of the tasks while following the lecture. There will be an early/regular submission scheme following a pattern to be announced.

Note: The exercises will be rated on two scales: admission points (given your knowledge before the tutorial, how sensible is your proposal; "good will rating", "upper bound") and exam points (given the additional knowledge from the comments on your proposal and the tutorial, how many points would your proposal at least be worth in a written exam; "evil rating", "lower bound").



 Note: The module result (grade, "Note") is completely determined by the exam.


Slides, Exercises, and Recordings

Note: the following plan is tentative

in the sense that the assignment of topics to dates is subject to change depending on the flow of the lecture. The assignment of form (lecture or tutorial) to dates is fixed. Slides will be typically only provided after the lecture.


Note: the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec seems to be necessary for playback of the recordings provided on the Electure portal.


Links & Literature

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