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Gazoo is a tool, which generates relevant event sequences that can be integrated in GUI test cases. Moreover, Gazoo is able to eliminate redundant event sequences. It is available for both Java and C#. For the Java part, it uses an adaptation of the GUITAR framework. For more information (e.g., on the C# part, in particular on Parameterized GUI Tests) please contact Stephan Arlt.

Version 0.2 - "eliminates redundant event sequences"

Most work on GUI testing focused on approaches to systematically generate executable event sequences. In addition, based on event dependency analyses, Gazoo v0.1 aims at selecting both relevant and executable event sequences. However, statically analysing event dependencies can cause the generation of a huge number of event sequences, which limits its practical applicability. Gazoo v0.2 provides a refined static analysis based on program slicing. It identifies and eliminates redundant event sequences. Redundant event sequences have the property that they do not need to be executed because non-redundant sequences are already guaranteed to achieve the same code coverage.

Version 0.1 - "generates relevant event sequences"

A major advance in GUI testing is the use of a black-box model to systematically generate event sequences that are executable on the GUI. Gazoo v0.1 selects relevant event sequences among the set of executable event sequences generated from a black-box model. In a first step, it applies a static analysis (i.e., a def-use analysis) to the bytecode of a GUI application, in order to infer an Event Dependency Graph (EDG). In a second step, the EDG is used together with an Event Flow Graph (EFG), in order to construct a set of relevant event sequences that are also executable on the GUI.

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