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Software Testing (Seminar and Proseminar)

This seminar covers important achievements in the area of Automated Black-box and White-box Testing.

Course type Block Seminar
Instructors Sergio Feo-Arenis
Kick-Off Personal meeting, please email for an appointment. First come first served.
Presentation February 18th (11h-18h) and 19th (11h-14h), Geb. 052 SR 02-017

Presentation language

Course Catalog Software Testing


  • The list of topics will be published on the week starting October 28th.
  • (November 5th) Topics are available for both the Proseminar (bachelor)
  • Topics for the Seminar (master) are being added, if you have a topic or research paper that you would like to present, you can propose it as well.
  • The dates and times for the block seminar are set. The deadline for hand-ins is Friday, February the 7th at 23:59. You can submit your progress for feedback at any time until then.


Both sessions will take place in the Seminar Room 02-017 of Building 052. To find the room, make sure to use the staircase that starts at the Dept. of Software Engineering.
Tuesday, February 18th - Proseminar
Time Speaker Topic


Meik Pilot 

Testing in the Software Life-Cycle


Christian Reichenbach

Dynamic Testing


Murat Killi

Functional Testing


Hermann Ritzenthaler

Control Flow Oriented Testing


Jan Strittmatter

Special Dynamic Test Techniques


David Zschocke

Tool-Supported Static Code Analysis

Wednesday, February 19th - Seminar
Time Speaker Topic


Pille Pärn

Extracting Widget Descriptions from GUIs


Lukas Sättler

Does automated white-box test generation really help software testers?


Charles Rodrigue

Hybrid Systems


Format, Rules & Activities

  • The seminar will take place as a block seminar at the end of the semester, during the last week of lectures. The exact dates and times will be announced timely.
  • Each student must present a summary (up to 2 pages in length) of the topic selected. It is due no later than two weeks before the final presentation.
    • Proseminar: Select and synthesize the key aspects of the topic and prepare a quick summary that allows the reader to learn those aspects and where further information can be obtained.
    • Seminar: Prepare an executive summary of the selected paper and give a brief outlook of relevant literature related to the paper (look at the paper's references), including comparisons, overlapping and highlighting the relation between the selected paper and those other works.
  • Each student must prepare a presentation about the topic and discuss its contents and structure with the instructor no later than two weeks before the seminar date. Please make an appointment ahead of time. 
  • Presentations (in English language) about the selected topic will have a duration of 30 minutes (max.) plus up to 10 minutes of questions from the audience.  The presentations are to cover only the important aspects of the topic as considered by the student and should aim to compel the audience to further investigate the subject.
  • For any additional inquiries regarding the seminar, the instructor is available personally and via e-mail. You can arrange as many meetings as necessary prior to the summary and presentation deadline.



Goal of our seminar is to practice the analysis, synthesis and presentation of basic scientific concepts. We will do that in the context of the Software Testing: What are the methods to ensure the quality of a software application by performing tests? How can this be achieved in an efficient and systematic manner?
We'll be following three books:
[1] A. Spillner, T. Linz. Basiswissen Softwaretest. dpunkt.verlag, 2012
[2] A. Spillner, T. Roßner, M. Winter, T. Linz. Praxiswissen Softwaretest - Testmanagement. dpunkt.verlag, 2011
[3] P. Liggesmeyer, Software-Qualität. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2009
The topics available are the following:
  • Book [1] Chapter 2 + Book [2] Chapter 2: Basics of Software Testing and Tools [Assigned to Lijun Liao]
  • Book [1] Chapter 3 + Book [2] Chapter 3: Testing in the Software Life-Cycle [Assigned to Meik Pilot]
  • Book [1] Chapter 4: Static Testing [Assigned to Paul Gavrikov]
  • Book [1] Chapter 5: Dynamic Testing [Assigned to Christian Reichenbach]
  • Book [3] Chapter 2: Functional Testing [Assigned to Murat Killi]
  • Book [3] Chapter 3: Control Flow Oriented Testing [Assigned to Hermann Ritzenthaler]
  • Book [3] Chapter 4: Data Flow Oriented Testing [Assigned to Oliver Adam]
  • Book [3] Chapter 5: Special Dynamic Test Techniques [Assigned to Jan Strittmatter]
  • Book [3] Chapter 8: Tool-Supported Static Code Analysis [Assigned to David Zschoke]


We will discuss research papers that present recent advances in the area of software testing.
The topics available are the following:
Please note that you are allowed (and encouraged) to propose your own topics as well. 
Topics from last year are also available:
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