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Marius Greitschus


Research Interests

  • Abstract Interpretation
  • Static Checking
  • Software Verification
  • Software Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Verification Techniques for Hybrid Systems





    • Combining Value Analysis and Static Checking for Automated Verification of Software Specifications. Master's Thesis, University of Freiburg, 2012.


    Consultation Hours

    Please contact me for an appointment or visit me at the office without an appointment (at the risk of being rejected).


    Student Projects and Thesis Topics

    Please see our shared overview for thesis topics and student projects. Additionally, if you have your own interesting topic you would like to work on and need a supervisor for, feel free to contact me.



    • Seminar: Automata Theory (Winter Term 2017/2018)
    • Seminar: Formal Methods for C (Summer Term 2014)
    • Software Lab (Summer Terms 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
    • Software Lab for members of all faculties (Winter Terms 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018)


    • Software Lab (Summer Terms 2010, 2011, 2012)
    • Software Lab for members of all faculties (Winter Terms 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012)


    Supervised Student Projects and Theses


    • Ingold, M.: Entwurf und Implementierung von Analysealgorithmen zum Handeln mit Aktien. Master's Project.
    • Heinz, A.: CEGAR and SMT for Planning. Master's Thesis.


    • Jarecki, J.: Active Verification: Putting the User in the Loop. Master's Thesis.
    • Höck, M.: Entwurf und Implementierung einer Software für den automatischen Handel mit Aktien. Bachelor's thesis.
    • Löffler, J.: Hybrid Automata Support for the Ultimate Framework. Bachelor's Thesis.
    • Heinz, A.: Optimized Plan Extraction with MCTA, Master's Project.
    • Löffler, J.: SOCIS - The ESA Summer of Code in Space, Project.


    • Jarecki, J.: Implementation of a Virtual Reality Graph Visualization and Manipulation Tool. Master's teamproject.
    • Burkart, M.: Visualization and Comparison of 3D-Pathfinding. Bachelor's thesis.
    • Braun, J.: Softwareprojekt zur Entwicklung eines Handyspiels mit Physik. Undergraduate project.
    • Schätzle, C.: An Octagon Abstract Domain For Ultimate. Bachelor's thesis.
    • Burkart, M., Dippel M.: Design and Implementation of a Game Engine. Bachelor's project.


    • Strump, T.: Analysis Framework for Heterogeneous Dynamic Systems. Master's thesis.
    • Hättig, J.: Convex Polyhedra as Abstract Domain for Abstract Interpretation in Ultimate. Master's thesis.
    • Enke, J.: Flattening of Parallelly Composed Hybrid Automata. Bachelor's project.


    • Dillo, C.: Modular Abstract Interpretation for Ultimate. Bachelor's thesis.
    • Richter, A.: Automated Medication Assurance. Bachelor's thesis.
    • Cheng N., Hättig J., Holub J., Schillinger F.: Advanced Video Game Architecture. Master's teamproject.


    • Dillo, C.: SpaceEx to Boogie. Bachelor's project.
    • Jayakumar, V.: Continuous Delivery for Small Java Web Based Applications. Master's thesis.
    • Meinke, J., Saier, D.: Dynamic Parameter Tuning for Hybrid Systems. Bachelor's project.
    • Rebmann, J., Ganz, S.: Implementation of a Benchmark Generator for Hybrid Systems. Bachelor's project.
    • Strump, T.: Location Merging for Hybrid Systems. Master's teamproject.


    • Hofmann, C.: Verification as a Service. Bachelor's thesis.