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Tanja Schindler


I have left the research group and joined the group of Pascal Fontaine at University of Liège.


Research Interests

Satisfiability modulo theories, Craig interpolation



  • Incremental Search for Conflict and Unit Instances of Quantified Formulas with E-Matching, in VMCAI 2021, together with Jochen Hoenicke [doi]
  • Solving and Interpolating Constant Arrays Based on Weak Equivalences, in VMCAI 2019, together with Jochen Hoenicke. [doi]
  • Efficient Interpolation for the Theory of Arrays, in IJCAR 2018, together with Jochen Hoenicke. [doi] [extended version]
  • Ultimate Taipan with Dynamic Block Encoding - (Competition Contribution), in TACAS 2018, together with Daniel Dietsch, Marius Greitschus, Matthias Heizmann, Jochen Hoenicke, Alexander Nutz, Andreas Podelski, and Christian Schilling. [doi]
  • Ultimate Automizer and the Search for Perfect Interpolants - (Competition Contribution), in TACAS 2018, together with Matthias Heizmann, Yu-Fang Chen, Daniel Dietsch, Marius Greitschus, Jochen Hoenicke, Yong Li, Alexander Nutz, Betim Musa, Christian Schilling, and Andreas Podelski. [doi]
  • Selfless Interpolation for Infinite-State Model Checking, in VMCAI 2018, together with Dejan Jovanović. [doi]


  • SRI International, New York. Working on interpolation for infinite-state model checking with Dejan Jovanović.


Consultation Hours

Please write me an e-mail to make an appointment.