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User Interface for Automata Library

We have a tool that can perform several operations (determinization, intersection, emptiness check,...) on different kinds of automata (finite automata, Büchi automata, nested word automata). Develop a user interface for this library. Elaborate a file format for the input and output of this tool and implement a parser for this file format.

Course type B. Sc. Project, M.Sc. Praktikum,  M.Sc. Teamproject
Instructors Matthias Heizmann
Credits Depending on course type
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#automaton infinitelyManyA := (
  #alphabet := {a b},
  #states := {q0 q1},
  #initialStates := {q0},
  #finalStates := {q1},
  #transitions := { (q0 a q1) 
                    (q0 b q0) 
                    (q1 a q1)
                    (q1 b q0) }
definition of an automaton in pseudocode
 visualization of the automaton in our library


We will elaborate one or more languages, similar to the right column above, in which automata can be defined. We want to use the syntax of existing languages and extend them according to our requirements.

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