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[Varies] Probabilistic Aspects in Visual Formalisms

Elaborate semantics, and model-checking approach for probabilistic aspects in a dialect of sequence diagrams.

Course type M.Sc. Teamproject, M.Sc. Thesis 
Instructors Bernd Westphal
Credits Depends 
Course Catalog Depends 

Sequence diagrams are a useful tool to describe scenarios of use-cases in the course of sofware development. The intention being both, to show exemplary system runs (``the system shall be able to show at least this behaviour''), as well as to show mandatory behaviour (``if the system sees these input messages, it reacts with this interaction'').

Different variants of sequence diagrams have been studied for this purpose, starting from the classical Message Sequence Charts (MSC).

This work shall provide an improvement over existing proposals for an integration of probabilistic aspects into sequence diagrams. To this end, an existing extension of the concrete syntax has to be supplied with a formal semantics with respect to Markov Decision Processes (MDP). Secondly, the candidate is expected to elaborate, implement, and evaluate a draft proposal on a model-checking procedure for the extended diagrams.

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